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Bag Snob on Plum TV!

We are taking a break from filming Snob TV— the last 6 weeks of webisodes have been fun and we’re now planning our next batch so please stay tuned for more interviews with your favorite designers! In the meantime, I did this fun little clip for Plum TV in NYC last week. The host, Nick Leighton, and I went bag shopping and we compared the difference between shopping for fake bags and authentic bags… watch for yourself and see which looks like more fun!  And please tell me, do you buy fake bags? 

Plum TV is a a television network in eight luxury markets in the United States (for example, Channel 5 in Miami, Channel 16 in Aspen, and Channel 18th in the Hamptons). This handbag piece is also to be broadcast on Fox Business Channel. Check out Plum TV here!

On Tina: YSL Peplum vest and belt.  White shirt by Theory.  Necklace by Fragments (I put the knot there myself).  Marni Platforms in Grey.  Call my YSL SA Giovanni at 972-629-1700 ext 2037 or Email him to order!  A big thank you to Brian Solis of YSL for insisting I buy this vest!  It’s my favorite of the season!



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  1. Oops, I forgot to put that in there– I was wearing a YSL silver peplum jacket with skinny black Alaia pants(my staple for everything!)

  2. Oh Tina, you are very chic on this clip. Everything is matching and in proportion to your size. A beautiful necklace ( where from?) and the watch. The black belt is just right with the YSL blouse. You couldn´t have chosen a better outfit. I remember the pretty ODLR cocktail dress too.

  3. Mette, this is a huge compliment from you! thank you so much!

    The necklace is from Neiman Marcus– Fragments I believe? The black belt is YSL– I have my YSL guys (Giovanni and Brian Solis) to thank for it! They shoved me in this outfit and shouted “Oh my god– you must have this” who am I to refuse right?

    Actually I just realized why you are so drawn to this entire outfit– this is YSL!!! Your favorite! Funny!!!

  4. Hi Tina, you look amazing! i love love the YSL jacket!!You are now my inspiration to lose my last 10 lbs of baby weight so i can fit into some of the gorgeous YSL clothes:) all the best..Ping

  5. When I saw you, I immediately knew that it was the YSL jacket! You look absolutely wonderful. I love how the jacket pouffs out at the back. Ultra chic!

    All hail Queen Tina with her fabulousity!

  6. Tina you do look HOT HOT HOT….what shoes did you team with this gorgeous ensemble?

    The necklace looked like a Vera Wang one you posted about a while back is it different?

    Do post the bag you picked up!


  7. Tina,

    I love your outfit, you look fabulous. Are your Alaia pants leggings? I love Alaia. Also where is the YSL jacket and belt available for purchase?

  8. Hi Lori– Call Giovanni at Neiman Marcus YSL- 972-629-1700 ext 2037

    He can send you whatever you want! That YSL belt is a staple, a must have– I wear it with everything!!! xo

  9. Tina, you look tres chic. Love the whole outfit, I have the same YSL belt and obsessed with it.

    NO FAKES, ever!!!! Great comment about 10 year olds making fake bags. So sad…


  10. Tina… I thought you didn’t like Louis Vuitton. The irony is that you pointed out that the fake bags are made of plastic, didn’t you or Kelly say the same thing about real Louis Vuitton monogram canvas?

    Now they have you praising them for their “painstaking” craftsmanship? tsk tsk. I’m disappointed.

  11. I believe she was referring to the python bag that she saw the craftsman make. If you notice none of the bags she picked out at LV were plastic. They were the epi leather, the vernis leather and python.

    This was a cute piece meant to point out the difference of shopping for fakes and shopping at a nice boutique. I think you did a fantastic job Tina! You seemed so comfortable and at ease, very nice and fun to watch. Penthouse cat, LOL!

  12. Great piece! I don’t (knowingly) buy fake bags. I may not be able to afford these bags in the posts and I am still learning about handbags but I just keep walking past those street vendors. I would rather have a cheaper real bag than a fake.

  13. Great piece, Tina! I like your outfit.

    I don’t (knowingly) buy fake bags. I am still learning about handbags so I might make a mistake. I do know to steer clear of something too good to be true so that probably goes a long way.

    I may not be able to afford all these great bags you talk about here but I would rather buy a less expensive brand bag than fake it.