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Marni Medium Shoulder Bag


Marni might as well be called totally cool because everything in the line is just that! Bag after bag, shoe after shoe, Marni rarely disappoints (I say rarely because, well, nobody is perfect!) Take this medium shoulder bag in a tumbled calfskin leather, a simple and elegant bag with clean lines and utilitarian adjustable strap. But turn it around and there is a unique flap that just gives it a bit of oomph. I saw this at Barneys and it’s soooooo soft– I was told it was treated and tumbled to give the skin its the suppleness. I love the neutral color, it is easy to use with everything. You can also remove the strap and have an oversized clutch. More bang for your buck, right? The bag is 10.5″ x 7.8″ and retails for $1,345 at (tax free and very little shipping charges– I am always thinking of ways to save you money!)



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  1. I have nothing against Marni in general. The brand is innovative,young and hip. But-this bag -well ,it´s not interesting at all. I don´t like the color and even if it can be used as a clutch,it is not enough. I want more character and personality from my bag and this one lacks both.

  2. I like the bag, maybe in a different color. In a similar style and same price range I think I would take the Balenciaga Cherche-Midi with the stingray closure. BTW, I happen to own those Marni sunglasses in purple and with the same ivory branches. Marni makes THE coolest sunglasses on the planet and the ones for Spring/Summer 09 are just amazing.

    Marni somehow manages to get much more exciting color in their acetate glasses than other brands.

  3. the back of the bag is a pleasant surprise. Maybe it is more impressive in person, the design of the bag is great but I’d like to see it in a brighter, more fun color.

  4. There are other colors on the marni site, but i don’t mind this one. I’ve been buying brightly colored clothes and need a bag that doesn’t compete.

  5. Marni is funky in a good way, but this bag is funky in a bad way. That freaky flap on the other side annoys me. The color? Meh. It reminds me of my mother’s rain coat from 1982 – exact same color. Throw some color on this bag and it just might rock my fancy, just not for $1,345. I mean, I might as well grab that Balenciaga Classic or YSL Muse for the price.

  6. you have to see this in person to be amazed at the intelligence of Marni bags!! Lane Crawford has a large collection of Marni bags and all of them make me go Oooooh and Ahhhhhhh! From th claps to the way some bags slouch … yum :D~~~~

    I think i maybe picking up one for my b-day next week 😀

  7. I really like the Marni shoulder bag, maybe in a hot pink or lime green but seriously, the strap is really great and it looks like it swivels.

  8. I can appreciate the bag! For more understated clean designs, Marni is one of my go-to brands. Love the handles a lot and the neutral color may be a better investment than a colored one. But, its a matter of taste I think, everybody likes different things, and thank god for that!