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Hathaway and Hudson at Bride Wars Premiere

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I’m dying to see Bride Wars! It seems absolutely ridiculous and I’m sure it’s one of those movies that’s best enjoyed on TV, in bed, and half asleep, but I think Kate Hudson is great! Plus, I’m curious to see how the writer pulls-off scheduling the weddings of two best friends at the same time/place without each other knowing and why each bride-to-be would be too attached to the date to change it (especially if they are best friends!). In any case there seems to be no rivalry between the gals who arrived to the movie’s premiere looking sort of like a bride and groom! Anne Hathaway was dressed in a tuxedo jacket and black skinny pants both by Boy by Band of Outsiders, while Kate Hudson wore a strapless black-and-white bustier paired with a matching full-length mermaid-shaped skirt both from Oscar de la Renta. Something seemed off about both outfits to me. Hathaway’s tuxedo jacket doesn’t appear to be tailored to suit her upper body properly. Also I’m not a fan of that slit on the side of her pants and I’m not loving her silver shoes at all. And don’t even get me started on her hair! What is that! As for Hudson her hair and makeup are flawless, but her outfit seems ill-suited for someone who’s only 29. Here’s to hopping the fashions (especially the wedding gowns), are better in the movie!


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  1. Hmm, I dunno. I like Hathatway’s look. It would definitely be better if the tuxedo jacket was tailored, but I think it’s cute and impish. Her hairs’ odd, but interesting, and I think it complements her face well. All in all, I like it. Not something *I* would ever wear, but on her it’s cute.