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Celeb Look: Long Bangs


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I was chatting with Mina Ferguson, the owner of one of my fave NYC boutiques Saada the other day and she gave me a great beauty secret! She told me that she was approaching a momentous birthday and that to freshen-up her look and cover-up some forehead wrinkles she decided to grow her bangs long. To begin with Mina looks young, but there’s no denying that with the extra long bangs she now has an even more fun and vivacious vibe. Depending on the look you’re going for I think long bangs go equally well with straight hair or with soft curls. The only drawback to long bangs is that you pretty much end-up having to cut your bangs every day. What do you think about long bangs?


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  1. I heart long bangs. I actually cut bangs (on a suggestion of my husband) with my short choppy bob after my 30th birthday. I wanted a change, I needed to freshen up my look and that did the trick. I will admit, they do get a bit annoying as they get longer, but my stylist showed me how to trim them myself so I’m okay. The cuteness factor outways the hassle.

  2. Agreed. I have long bangs as well and need to trim them about every week or so, but love them so it is worth it!

    My hairdresser said the key thing is to NEVER cut them when wet, only when dry, as hair shrinks up as it dries so you can never truly judge how long your hair is when wet, and then you could end up with those crazy short bangs like that girl in Mad Men. Not cool.

  3. Love it !!!

    It changes my life ^__^

    It’s easy to maintain, just trim by snipping it vertically tiny bit whenever u feel it starting to annoy ur eyes.