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Smooth Skin from Clarins

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Clarins is to skincare what beauty is to Audrey Hepburn — they just go hand-in-hand for me! Lucky for us Clarins has two very exciting launches coming-up for spring. First they have High Definition Body Lift ($65, officially launching in March). It’s their 5th generation cellulite control cream. Like many us know from repeated experience cellulite creams don’t really work in getting rid of cellulite — as I found out when I had my bad experience with Shiseido Body Creator. What a good cellulite cream can do however is tighten and smooth your skin…well at least make it feel like it’s tight and smooth for a little while after you apply it! That’s exactly what Clarins High Definition Body Lift does. As far as cellulite fighters go this is the best I’ve tried and it’s covered by three patents so there’s definitely some new formulations going on (plus it has that wonderful signature Clarins fresh smell!). It’s also non-sticky, lightweight, and non-oily so it’s not only moisturizing, but quickly absorbs into your skin so there’s no need to wait before dressing. Clarins is also coming-out with Bright Plus HP Intensive Brightening Botanical System ($155, officially launching in April). It’s a 21 day system that you use at night. It has two parts, one for age control and one for brightening. It’s a great way to kick-off a spring beauty routine and get rid of your winter skin…ahh can’t wait for the warm weather to start-up again!


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