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Queen of Oils: Darphin Rose Aromatic Care

In the interest of preventing aging, I have been using various creams and moisturizers to make sure my skin gets all the advantages it can get. I use heavy creams in the winter and lighter ones in the summer because it is either too heavy or not moisturizing enough so I have to play this balancing act. What I needed was something that my skin was thirsting for and now that I have switched to Darphin essential oils, my skin is thanking me profusely by acting calm and smooth and looking radiant! My skin sucks the oils right up like it has been needing it all its life. I have no problems putting oil on my skin, I love oils and don’t have the notion that oils will clog my pores or give me pimples. And this certainly does none of that. The Darphin essential oils are light and the molecules are super small so it penetrates to the source. I used this for a week and I was hooked, no more trying to guess what I need, this is it! It also smells so incredible! Dr. Darphin was the first plastic surgeon to develop his own line in the 50′ to prevent the need of surgery, it prevents aging by fighting free radicals, which is what damages the skin and causes wrinkles. There are different oils depending on what your skin type is. The Rose Aromatic Care is for normal skin. You should follow up with your regular moisturizer for full spectrum care. At Bergdorf Goodman for $70.



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