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Haute Contour by Spanx

haute contour.jpg

I’ve been having the worst time keeping my sweet-tooth under control lately! It’s awful because even just a 2-3lb weight gain makes me very self-conscious. I’ve been trying to be better about my chocolate chip cookies and BLT on a bagel lunches, but I’m looking forward to a little help from Haute Contour. Haute Contour is the new high-end, fashion-conscious line from Spanx and it’s launching March 26 at Neiman Marcus and Saks. Saks is actually hosting an event the day the line launches at their NYC flagship with the line’s founder, Sara Blakely. As a fan of Spanx and their lower priced line Assets, I’m looking forward to checking-out this sexy take on shapeware. The line is full of sexy lace and sheer shaping camisoles, mid-thigh shapers, and lace thongs (looove the thong pictured above!), and is priced from $88 (for a thong) to $198 (for the camisoles).


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  1. I’m certainly not suggesting to aspire to be fat and I am not calling myself fat by any means! I’m saying that Haute Contour looks like a promising way to cover-up some extra weight when you’re at the bad side of weight fluctuations. I do think personal trainers are a great investment however, but Spanx has always been a good solution for me when I put on a little extra weight from too much dessert, my period etc..which can happen even if you have a personal trainer!!

  2. Has anyone heard of ‘The Power of Small’? This whole posts reminds me of the book…the whole concept behind the book is how small things can make a big difference and I know for me personally just something small like wearing Spanx (I have yet to try Haute Contoure) makes me feel so much better even if the difference is minute the result can be huge in boosted really is the small things that can have the biggest impact sometimes

  3. What a rude comment to make. Jesus, even those of us in great shape sometimes need a bit of a tuck here or there! Go troll someone else’s blog, Kristopher.