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Weekend Bag Snob: Giselle Bundchen

gisele_bag.jpgThe newlywed showed off her fabulous purple ostrich hobo this week in NYC before taking off for Costa Rica for a 2nd wedding celebration.

I am obsessing over this bag– the color is amazing and I love a good hobo shape to slouch around with. I’m trying to figure out what brand this is. Anyone have an idea?

I thought Bottega at first but can’t confirm.

Happy weekend all! I’m on my way to do a little retail therapy myself 🙂



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  1. I am not sure about Loewe calle bag; that bag does not have buckles on the straps and Giselle’s seems to have them. Hmmm

  2. This looks like the same handbag that Reese Witherspoon was carrying in white and I was trying to figure out what it was. I hope you find out! I don’t think it a Loewe but I’m not that familiar with them.

  3. Although I agree it does look like Bottega’s Campagna in the purple ostrich for Fall-Winter 08/09, I can’t be 100% sure. I can definitely tell u its not Loewe’s Calle Bag since it has hardware like Botega on the handle’s which the Calle does not….possibly Bird, but hopefully not…ewwww gross!

  4. I’d also consider Gucci as they are doing ostrich hobos but the straps are throwing me since I saw a tan one in N-M.

  5. It is definitely not a Loewe as the Calle does not have hardware on handle except the 40 and maybe the 34, which only has one strap as opposed to the picture showing two shoulder straps. In addition the bag looks a lot larger than the 40, and the larger black one that Victoria Beckham has does not have hardware on the straps. Furthermore its missing the hang tag as well as the signature Loewe lock. Definitely not Adriana Castro either, as she would be the first person to put it on her press section on her website. Nothing against her but it s not there and she would claim the press. Bird is a no too, as Bird has larger slouchier hobos with a longer strap and one shoulder strap. Since i am not sure I am defering to Bottega Campagna as I said before.

  6. I had also though of Loewes but it doesn’t really look like it.

    I’ve sent emails to both Bottega and Loewe PR people– can’t wait to find out!

  7. Yes, that’s it! Nuti!

    Duh! No wonder it looks so familiar, Nuti’s PR people sent me photos of this last year. LOL

    I am so predictable, I’ve been after this bag for a year!

    The seams in the front give it away

  8. I am laughing so hard right now! I have the old email from the Nuti PR director out of Milan showroom from last August, the New Yorker in Plum ostrich is 2250 Euro

    Apparently this bag is destined to be mine as it keeps showing up in my path 🙂


    Heard back from Bottega Veneta- not theirs.

    Heard back from Nuti- not theirs.

    I am so tormented! Let’s try to figure this one out snobs!

  10. I have no idea now. It looked similar but definitely NOT the Nuti Afrodite hobo…

    and if it’s not BV…what is it! I MUST know, it’s gorgeous!!

  11. This is NOT? the Nuti Gitana Ostrich? It looks so much like it (based on your newest post April 6. They are both gorgeous if not identical.

    Please do post what it is when you find out.

  12. IT IS DEFINITELY A LOEWE BAG. In particular it is a Calle Hobo.

    Their new creative direcctor, Stuart Vevers, first designed it for the current Spring collection, even though I think this one is from the upcomung Fall collection. I’ve just seen it on, just check it out.