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Chloe Paraty 30% off!


Remember when Chloe bags sold out before they hit the stores? The madness of the Paddington and Edith bags seem so silly to me now– the Paddington was heavier than a new born baby when empty and the Edith was so stiff you could barely put your arm around it. Then came the Paulo Melim Andersson days; though he was only at the helm for a year and half it seemed an eternity of endless hideous bags. For a while it seemed we should write Chloe off for good but along came Hannah!  I am an optimist and am excited about Hannah MacGibbon– just look at her! She looks like the cool best friend who pushes the fashion envelope in a good Kate Moss kinda way.  The new and improved (plus much lighter) Chloe bags sans heavy hardware is giving us a glimmer of hope for the future! 

Get your fix now of the latest Chloe darling, the Paraty.  I preferred it in python but at 30% off the leather version is a very good buy. The rolled edges give it the look of structure without stiffness and it must be seen on an actual arm to appreciate its appeal. I guess I’m still a die hard Chloe girl at heart! I am really into grass green for summer- it’s neutral like brown and goes with more colors than you can imagine! Wear it with a juicy orange top or pale pink shirt and anything crispy white!  They call this the small version but at 39cmx25cm it is not so small in my book.  Was 1,125 Euro on sale for 788 Euro– free shipping anywhere in the world!  CHLOE’ – SMALL PARATY SHOULDER BAG



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