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Derek Lam Elsa Clutch


Derek Lam does glam rock without hardware, fringes or gimmicks. This is one of the best foldover clutches I’ve seen, most of them look like, well, a clutch folded in half. The mulit-layering and asymmetrical design throws off the eye so it looks more like a flap clutch, even the top zipper works perfectly in with the design. There is a little outer pocket and the loop handle gives you an extra option of how to carry it but also adds to the look. It folds over with a magnetic closure so if you stuff this thing silly, it will still fold over and close properly. I am a tomboy at heart so a clutch like this would give me my identity back even when wearing a totally girly dress (which I love but I hate looking overly frou frou, or actually that look hates me cuz I look weird when I’m all flounced up). Derek Lam Elsa Clutch at Shopbop for $790.


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  1. The stitching does look a little wonky, but maybe it’s meant to look like that when it’s unzipped or it’s to do with how they filled the bag for the shot?

  2. Don´t you think that for a shot they would like to present the best photo they can possibly get? I mean,this bag is waiting for the potential customers.