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Ask the Snob: Is it okay to buy embossed exotic?


Dear Bag Snob,

I am saving to buy the YSL lizard embossed Easy or Muse bag, do you think it is snob worthy?  I love the look of exotics but can not afford to buy the 5 figure version. I am still in college and will pay for this bag with my summer job. It will be my only bag purchase this year so I don’t want to make a mistake!  I like the Easy a bit better but will it last like the Muse did?  I am grateful for any advice!

Respectfully, Snob in training

Dear Snob in training,

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the YSL embossed lizard bags! As we always say, buy the best bag you can afford and if your budget allows you a lizard embossed suede Easy tote (17″ medium is $1,195 and the 12″ small is $995) and you love it, then you must get it!  The suede version is so lush and rich–  I love the iconic Muse but the Easy is more youthful and will see you through the school year and beyond. YSL Bags at SaksGood luck and enjoy your bag no matter what anyone else says, after all, you are the one working to buy it and you are the one carrying it! 

Much love, Bag Snob





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  1. Wait for the sales. I bought a YSL muse in snake skin for a little under $1,400 last December in Natick, MA at Neimans. Buying embossed (even thought YSL is the only way to go, if you do) reminds me of that fake suede that used to be popular in the ’80s….ugh! I’d rather see you buy a good leather bag from Lanvin or Jill Sanders, on sale, than a fake reptile, full retail.

  2. I agree with all the comments above. YSL makes the best embossed leather bags. I have been viewing a light grey croc embossed in continual wear for over a year now, and there is no sign of wearing nor is it getting dirty. I recommend!