Snob Essentials

Baby Silk Sunscreen Towelettes SPF 30+


The applying of sunscreen is a total drag. Tots hate getting it done and trying to do it quickly leads to no good – either sun burn on missed spots or crying because it gets in their eyes. I have my techniques but nothing beats this – a wipe that is saturated with sunscreen! It was created by moms, of course! Pediatrician moms at that. They know the importance of applying sunscreen and to make sure we are doing the job properly and without annoyance, they came up with the absolute most perfect solution! One wipe has enough sunscreen to cover your tot from head to toe. Maneuver around the eyes and get it in every crevice with no fuss or muss. No more excuses for avoiding the sunscreen every time you head outdoors this summer! This easy to dispense and use towelette will make your summer a total dream! At Pure and Honest Kids for $26.



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