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Ginger McGann Couture Rhonda and Daniela Necklaces


Ginger McGann’s Rhonda Necklace

Ginger McGann recently launched her couture jewelry collection at Live! on Sunset in Los Angeles, where I proceeded to drool over many of the pieces, including the Rhonda and Daniela necklaces. The Rhonda necklace, which retails for $840, features 18k gold vermeil, sterling silver and Mojave green turquoise, which I had never seen before. As the name indicates, while it is a form of turquoise, it is actually green as opposed to blue.


Ginger McGann’s Daniela Necklace

The Daniela necklace features a powerful combination of carnelians, rubies, fire opals and pink quartz, and is, without question, a show-stopping statement piece, which can be yours for $18,900.

Ginger McGann, a former architect, interior designer and fashion designer, (who was responsible for creating the famous black lace dress Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman), has turned her sights to creating an extensive line of stunning couture jewels. More can be seen online where you can also see McGann’s modern art series.


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