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Hermes shades of summer ’09

hermesgreenbirkin.jpgCheck out the latest addition to my friend Katherine’s Hermes collection, the most amazing shade of emerald green called Vert Pelouse that has me green with envy (I have my peeps at H on the look out for it in exotic skin for me– will keep you posted!).

This is the hottest color of summer 09 at Hermes and very difficult to get. I have several green bags from Hermes but none as perfectly hued as this. Vert Fonce is elegant but has that mottled green tint to it and Vert Anis is a bit too lime-ish while Chartreuse is neither here nor there. The Vert Pelouse is possibly the best green I have ever laid eyes on. It is the shade of emerald or Chinese green jade which is said to bring good luck and prosperity– and we can all use a healthy dose of both!

I am still totally obsessed with anything violet; in addition to my violine lizard day planner and H flats, I’ve added the Kelly Longue wallet in this fabulous shade to my collection. This really is the perfect wallet, I don’t think I’ll ever use another. At the very top of my wish list is of course a violine shiny croc in 30.




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  1. OH! those are both just amazing!!! the kelly longe wallet is on my lifetime wishlist, and that violet is just dreamy. and the new vert pelouse! i agree with you, i’ve been longing for hermes to introduce a beautiful, vivid green like this…it’s definitely been a gap in their rainbow. in croc, that vert would be unreal!

    beautiful, beautiful finds…thanks for the eye candy 🙂

  2. Tina–I too am TOTALLY obsessed with anything Violet-TOTALLY!!!—–This Kelly wallet is on my MUST HAVE list!!!! calling my guy NOW!!!!!!! =)

    The Green Birkin is AMAZING!!!!! (Congrats K.)

    Violine shiny croc? OY VAY!!!! TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I bought this wallet when you first reviewed it. I agree…it is the best wallet ever!! I will buy it in other colors, but will never buy another brand’s wallet.

  4. the Kelly long wallet is fabulous, I have the black but this violet is to die for. What a great color, re green and the violet is beautiful together!

  5. Gorgeous! I have the wallet in etoupe and it’s “The Wallet” forever… I wonder if I could get in Vert pelouse. Calling Caroline as I type.


  6. OMG!!! This the the green I have been waiting for! Now I can match match with my jade and emerald jewelry!!

    The thing is I don’t like Swift leather much. Do they have this color in other kind of leather?? Fjord, Togo, or Chevre??

    Any new blue for the summer? Or Ciel is still the latest?

  7. OMG To die for!!

    I cant wait till my first Hermes Birkin it must be a giddy feeling?!

    Tell me how it felt all you lucky Hermes owners!

  8. Green has never been a favourite colour of mine….but I can see why you are all swooning it really is a rich colour compared to there previous! On the other hand that wallet to die, I am currently waiting for the kelly lounge wallet…I may have to alter my colour choice is that colour called Violine?

    Longtime since we heard about Katherine….glad to see whe is still adding to her Hermes collection, I am interested does she only collect Hermes or does she also collect another designer?


  9. I saw this color in croc on the lindy a few months ago and thought it was divine..unfortunately this green just does not go well with my complexion( for the wallet, I agree this wallet is functional and beautiful and I just added a red one to my collection, but now I am salivating over yours! It’s simply GORGEOUS!!!! is it mysore or togo leather?

  10. Lucky you! It’s also my favorite leather for this wallet….Both my kelly wallets (Noisette and Red) are mysore, but I am now really loving this wallet in Violine! it would match my gray/violine date book and also my blue brighton croc birkin…I’m so tempted to get one now:) Enjoy!

  11. Bag Snobs –

    I’m torn between trying for a Birkin croc or just bypassing the whole waiting game and going for a Bottega Veneta croc tote one of these days. What’s your opinion? How does the Hermes croc compare to BV croc?

  12. I’m torn between waiting it out for a croc Birkin or just bypassing it all and going for a Bottega Veneta croc tote. What’s your opinion? Does the BV croc compare well at all to Hermes?


  14. if i were you i would follow my heart. both choices are exceptional, but which bag speaks to you more. you don’t want to spend that kind of money and regret your decision. hope this helps. 😉

  15. Oooohhhhhh…I love the green one!I’d die happy if I got my hands on it. It’s just the perfect green! I’d never seen anything like it. Double ooooooh! Alas, hubby says no Hermes. Guess I’d always have something to dream about…..(trying to be positive here!:))

  16. hi tina! happy to report that I scored one during my recent trip around france…not a birkin though, but a jpg kelly pochette in croc, pelouse. I can email you a picture if you like 🙂

  17. Hi Tina and Kelly, why do you allow those ads from websites that sell fake designer bags to have space on your blog site? e.g. the one above at the end of the article pointing to a website that sells obvious fake hermes bags by google ads.

    I think it totally lowers the class of your website. It’s very annoying to come across it while scrolling along when we are reading your latest write up about a beautiful bag, to see these ads pointing to websites that sell obvious fakes.

    Plus it makes it seem like you support these designer fakes since you have vivre, fashionphile, shopbop and net a porter ads too in your website which do sell genuine items.

  18. Hi,

    I’m planning to order the vert pelouse birkin soon..

    Tina, the one Katherine has is in swift leather?

    I’m thinking of togo.

    Whats your opinion?