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Loro Piana Bags: Globe trot in style!


There is nothing more quietly luxurious than Loro Piana bags (kind of how Hermes was before the tabloids and Hollywood got a hold of them). I bought the Globe bag for Kelly’s birthday 3 years ago in pale pink (and picked up a violet version for myself) and it’s still one of my favorite go to globe trotting bags. lpbellevuebag.jpgIt transforms from an easy city tote to giant hold all with multiple pockets (back, front flap, 2 interior zipped, one cell, one ipod and a small id pocket) so you stay organized no matter how jetlagged you are!  (30cm Mini globe $2,350 in leather).

I have compared the craftsmanship of Loro Piana with my Hermes bags and I have to say, it comes pretty damn close (and a helluva lot more functional).  But the price is still reasonable in comparison.

In addition to the ‘Globe’ bag (in crocodile above, $18,500) there are a couple more bags I am coveting– Loro Piana bags transcend time and trend so I don’t even think about the season its from!– the ‘Bellevue’ in sunny yellow ostrich ($11,900) is making me re-think yellow bags and the ‘Coral’ bag (35cm, $4,195) in calfskin is a must have for summer and fall. The perfect shade of luggage, it will complement a pair of white shorts or a creamy cashmere sweater, Loro Piana natch. All at Loro Piana boutiques worldwide.  Please call Susan for more info 212-980-7961. 



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  1. Yes ! Great bags. I especially like the croc one and the shape on the ostrich bag. Definitely a bag worth considering !

  2. i love the yellow ostrich, but i’ve heard a lot of complaints about the quality of loro piana bags!

  3. Hi

    I’ve owned my globe bag for 3 years and it’s in pristine condition, I even use it pool side where it gets wet and beat up on! As far as I’m concerned with the bags I have, the quality is top notch.

  4. i definitely trust your opinion. i know you know quality bags. i’ve just heard some horror stories as well. i have a feeling they were mistreating their bags!

  5. Beautiful bags! Wow! The one photo makes me wonder: is it currently fashionable for women to tie a scarf onto their handbag? I like to tie one on in the summer, it gives my luggage-color bag a little burst of color!

  6. I have 2 Loro Piana Ostrich totes and 1 ostrich drescott bag. I love them to pieces. I’ve never had any problems with them with the exception of spiling a little bit of suntan lotion on the bottom of the lining. I would love to know how to get rid of that stain.

    I was recently in the Madison Avenue store eyeing the Croc Loro Piana Globe.

    Totally drool worthy.

  7. I definitely agree. The Loro Piana Bags scream luxury with their fine quality leather as well as the colors that are stylish without being obnoxious. I love the yellow crocodile Globe back, its shape is adorable with plenty of room and the color is mesmerizing! Thanks for this review, I’m def going to be on a lookout for one.

  8. Beautiful bags! Wow! The one photo makes me wonder: is it currently fashionable for women to tie a scarf onto their handbag? I like to tie one on in the summer, it gives my luggage-colour bag a little burst of colour!

  9. I have a bunch of LP bags and love them all. My favorite is my medium Fjord Globe bag in forest green. It has gotten softer with use and I find it very pratical. I love the outside zip pocket! I also have a couple of “MY BAGS”….I think I need the large size though, because the medium fills up quickly. I love the grain touch leather….it’s kind of like Gulliver by Hermes.

    I saw the croc Globes on my travels and might consider one in the future. I just want to be sure about the quality of the skins….I loved the aboved pictured croc when I saw it irl. Does anyone know the name of the color? It looks like Hermes Poussiere! One last thought. I think the leather quality of LP bags competes with Hermes….but they still need to work on the craftsmanship. No complaints, but nothing tops Hermes!

  10. How can you have a horror story with bags? Maybe when they got the credit card bill? That could have been harrowing