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Matthew Campbell Laurenza Enamel Sapphire Ring vs. Erickson Beamon for Target's Jeweled Dome Ring

Erickson_Beamon_for_Target_Jeweled_Dome_Ring.jpgErickson Beamon for Target Jeweled Dome Ring


Matthew Campbell Laurenza Enamel Sapphire Ring

I am admittedly a junkie for cool cocktail rings. They’re great statement pieces and I feel they flatter any finger. I’ve never been a huge fan of my hands, particularly as delicate rings don’t look quite right on me, hence the cocktail ring obsession. That being said, I was perusing various websites looking for something fun to place on one of my empty digits that wouldn’t break the bank – and found the fantastically faux Erickson Beamon ring on the Target website. Considering I’d already guiltily examined and fell in love with a number of Matthew Campbell Laurenza rings at Neiman Marcus including the one pictured here for $590.00, I was thrilled to discover I liked the $29.00 Erickson Beamon for Target ring better! It’s always nice to find a less expensive version of something fun like this that you’re bound to eventually get tired of anyway! By the time the metal starts to tarnish, you’ll be on to the next fun, funky, chunky piece to don.


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