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Layered Necklaces and Plenty of Color for Fall! Anna Sui's Bohemian/Goth/Equestrian/Sophisticate Hybrid


Have you ever been inside of an Anna Sui boutique? Well, if not, you should definitely check one out, if you happen to have one nearby. They are altogether adorable – with quirky black and purple decor and plenty of whimsy in the form of modern takes on antiques, butterflies, flowers and plenty of other girly-meets-edgy touches that make you feel as if you’ve been transported to another world filled with magic and wonder. I love Anna Sui’s wacky but wearable styles and appreciate her sense of individuality. I found myself drooling over many of the pieces in her fall collection – particularly a lot of the necklaces she adorned her models with on the catwalk which can be seen here. She showcased elaborate chokers, powerful cameos, layered necklaces like the ones shown here, among others that are all to die for.

Love, love, love. I simply cannot wait for fall.


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