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Snob Living in LA: Solair Wilshire


This has nothing to do with bags but I am on vacation and have to share my latest obsession. I toured the most gorgeous piece of real estate in Los Angeles today, the Solair Wilshire, a soaring glass tower above Wilshire Blvd in the heart of LA. Its zen interior calmed me the minute I stepped in from the bustling traffic of LA streets– smooth black granite table tops are actually water falls (so please don’t sit on them!!), surrounded by walls made of gorgeous hand polished granite cut and assembled in Japan. It is a masterpiece like no other building I have ever seen any where in the world. If I could, this is where I would buy my LA home (hint hint to my hubby, a big birthday is coming up). The amenities rival that of any luxury hotel, including a pool deck that reminds me of The Peninsula hotel poolside with covered cabanas where you can lounge with a bottle of bubbly. No need to go out if you lived here! But the best part is the sweeping panoramic views of the City of Angels from every unit. Love the Lakers? There is a metro station in the basement that takes you directly to the Staples center or Hollywood (and will take you to the beach within the next 10 years). Yes, there is public transit in la la land! Why am I telling you about this? Because for this weekend only (August 1st and 2nd) the Solair is offering a 30% discount on select condo units. A $810,000 condo will be reduced to $567,000 (first come first serve). Hello!!! When does posh real estate ever go on sale? This is a Friends and Family sale so make sure you tell them Bag Snob sent you! 888-8SOLAIR or 213-387-9099 Go to the Solair Wilshire website here! If you live in the area, it’s worth taking a tour just for the eye candy (by appointment only). Jump for more photos of this spectacular building.



Forgot to mention the 40,000 sq ft of luxury retail space for you to shop at your leisure! There is also a CVS on the first floor, so convenient!


These chic covered cabanas will be fun to hang out in during the day or after dark. There are sleek outdoor grills even your hubby can figure out to serve you tasty snacks to go with that bottle of bubbly!!!



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  1. I’m sad — bagsnob is now in the business of selling discounted condos in Koreatown? And no mention of its dicey location in the gushing description???? You would really buy a condo a few blocks from where a young 17 year old high school student was abducted from her car and killed just last week? Among the many things that I loved about bagsnob was that it was never beholden to anyone — the ladies just posted honest and witty reviews. This review was anything but that.

  2. Hi HC

    I can see your point but trust me, this building is spectacular, K town or not. I went with a friend who is buying two units there and I am planning on buying one myself as an investment and to use as office when I’m in LA :). The developer is French and he hired a well known Japanese architect to design it. You have to see this place!

    I lived in this area for 4 years when I attended USC and loved it. It’s not for everyone but for me, it rocks!!!

  3. Tina is on vacation and saw something spectacular that she wanted to share. What’s wrong with that? It appears to be a great investment. However, it’s up to you to perform due diligence.

  4. OH get over yourself!!! Tina Nor Kelly would “Hide”

    behind the Anonymous name…It was a slip up on her part…

  5. I am a grad student at SC and live a few blo ks from this building. Always wanted to peek inside as it looks really cool from the street. This took forever to built and it was annoying at times. Glad to see it finished.

  6. Good luck to you and your friend with regards to your real estate investments. I am an investor in Los Angeles as well and I have seen quite a few of these Koreatown projects stall and then sell for bargain basement prices (ex: Mercury — across the street from Solair). I was just surprised that you would omit something so important. Location is everything in real estate — as you probably know. You are usually so meticulous in your descriptions of bags — I was surprised that you would omit its locale and it made me wonder why.

  7. Sounds like you’re upset over your own past experiences as a real estate investor. Maybe she just loved the building as described. From the past few years of reading the Snob sites I’ve noticed the girls are emotional when they love something. Whether it be bags, shoes, an eye cream or in this case, a building.

    Glad you’re having fun Tina but am looking forward to your bag reviews again! =)))

  8. Does it matter if she wants to buy a place in korea town, china town or little tokyo? any urban community will have its risks. i’d say there are a lot of good deals now given the economic condition. in florida you can a great deal on beachfront condos!

  9. i looked it up because was curious (i just spent spring quarter in japan, and met quite a few architects) – the firm that built this is from LA, but the interior designers are from tokyo. future architect here, sorry to be anal but i thought i’d make that correction 🙂 the renderings (images) are very nice.

  10. I’m a little disappointed too. I love the refreshing honesty of Bagsnob, and now I feel like they’re taking money for ads.

  11. i could move from my condo on the adriatic sea to relax on that bed..would b a nice investment, not that expensive considering we have a stronger currency now. Great taste, as always of course! great info, you could pop up with these locations more often. love you ladies, rock on rock on…

  12. Sounds like ‘Bag Snob’ queen is a little upset that her hubby (he,he,he) is too cheap to treat his queeny dreamy bear to a luxurious living area in the heart of LA… Sorry to be honest honey bear, but sorry for all the heart ake… sounds like you have a case of the wish i was someone else besides Tina gitters… sorry… Life ain’t always a cake walk, sometimes you have to build from the ground up… keep on snob’n Tina, you’ll probably make millions… hint, hint… try bake’n a rabbit and tell’n your ‘fans’ about how ‘awsome’ it tasted… Justice has been served… Tina’ the women with no dreama’… ooopps….