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Marc Jacobs is Animated

MarcJ_CatBag1.jpg FlightofFancy1.jpg


No, these are not kitschy bags from Chinatown for $10.99, they’re actually Marc by Marc Jacobs bags (must have been some trip!).  What do I make of all this you ask?  Have no idea but am guessing he was inspired by Japanese anime cartoons.  These are not totally hideous, just kind of weird and the deformed animals are scary.  That cat is freaking me out.  Don’t look at it, just take my word for it.  The tote seems like it’s from some sort of bizarre animated flights of fancy dream sequence and is kind of cool if I was in, say, junior high school but at $450 a piece they’re just a bit overpriced. Marc by Marc Jacobs Cat Leather Shoulder Bag here. Marc by Marc Jacobs Flights of Fancy Leather Shopper here.  What do you think?  Snob or Slob?



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  1. tina, my 8 yr old used to have a wallet like this when she was 4. My parents picked it up for her when they were in a market place in Shanghai for $1 (chinese yuan which is like a quarter in us dollar).

    I have said this before and i will say it again, while I don’t mind paying for serious LUXURY items (even now bc like you said they retain their value and then some), some of these designers need to wake up and realize that they will no longer be selling any junk they put their names on, esp in this economy.

  2. You shouldn’t have asked what we think because I’ll tell ya. I think Marc Jacobs could seriously ruin his reputation over something like this! If I were him, I would recall these bags ASAP! They aren’t even wimsical! I don’t know how their marketing team could let them go through with this! Totally infantile and disgraceful. I guess he should unload them on the dollar stores and let the kids buy them with their school supplies because I sure as hell don’t want to find any of these items on an adult woman’s shoulders or arms!

  3. I think that this MJ simply doesn´t care about his customers any longer. He is just throwing junk and laughing under his beard at the silly ones of us, who go wild after his designs.

  4. Actually, I smell a knock off — that is, Marc Jacobs knocking off his own work at LV! This collection totally reminds me of the Conte de Fees collection for Louis Vuitton, created in 2002 in collaboration with British artist Julie Verhoeven.

  5. I rather like them. But I’d like them better if they WERE from Chinatown and cost $10.99, in fact I’d buy them both if that was the case.

  6. Very old – done by LV 6 0r 8 years ago. I bought it then when the design was GOOD – these

    are Target specials. Needs to pick up his game.

  7. Exactly! Just what I was thinking — Conte de Fees LV collection! The gap between LV and Marc closes once again…..sigh, and I used to be such a Marc fan…