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Best of Tot Snob: Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Gel


Let’s just cut to the chase here, this stuff WORKS!! I have heard that this is a favorite among models but how much help do models need really? I need the strong stuff, not the superficial cream for minor blemishes, I’ve got serious problems here! That is why I haven’t tried it until it was given to me to review. After having 2 kids, the skin on my stomach looks like something out of a sci-fi alien movie, it was certainly not the human skin I was born with. I don’t mind sporting my pooch but I stop at wrinkly, bunchy, wavy skin. It is enough to make me phone a plastic surgeon. I’ve tried every kind of cream, very expensive ones, and they had some positive results but none like this one. After 2 weeks of use, the skin on my tummy is visibly smoother. I can’t say much for the actual loss of fat but it definitely makes me look nicer and therefore in my mind skinnier. The main ingredient is L-carnitine which is natural in the body and metabolized fat into energy. It comes with dietary supplements that will help this process but I am taking other vitamins already so I did not take these (and I still had results!). Nivea Good Bye Cellulite with 30 day supplements at Amazon for $20.47.



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