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Bag Snob on NBC LX TV New York

This was so much fun to film. LX New York asked me to find the most luxurious and fabulous bags for this segment. The next segment will have frugal options (will be aired in a couple of weeks). LX New York is on daily at 5pm on NBC4– we’ve been tapped as the show’s bag experts and will be appearing regularly with bag candy!

Watch the segment here.

I am wearing the blue Oscar de la Renta dress, love it!!!



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  1. Tina, congrats on the LX TV show and also on the cosmetic contract! I can’t wait to see it!! Is it one of international asian brands like sheisedo? Best Ping!

  2. Hi Ping,

    it’s not a cosmetic contract (I wish!) but they asked me to be one of the models in the Spring 2010 Campaign, who knows, maybe it will lead to a contract 🙂

    Thank you for your good wishes! xo

  3. Tina your such a tease, we want to know it’s killing us! But congrats must be an exciting time for you, your the star snob living every girls dream enjoy every minute of it!!


  4. I loved the interview. The only thing I want to say is that the Birkin is really the only bag that you could sell for what you paid for it or over what you paid for it. I don’t feel that the other bags could sell for what you paid for them or even over.

  5. I don’t think that those bags really were investment pieces, way too trendy for that. But fabulous interview anyways, I love that blue dress!

  6. Great interview, you are so chic and articulate. I think the Hermes, Tods and Bottega are investment pieces for certain. The only trendy piece wld be the studded clutch, who makes?

    All else very classic and beauty. Bravo, look forward to see you more on tv.

  7. You did a great job on the interview and while I applaud your performance and general love of things well-designed and well-made, it’s disappointing to hear you call a bag an “investment” in the context you used. While well-made bags can be an investment in-so-far as they last a long time, they are certainly not an investment in terms of increasing in value over time. With very few exceptions, bags lose value as soon as they leave the point of purchase. So you get an ‘A’ for your appreciation of beautiful bags, you get an ‘epic fail’ for your investment advice. Stick with what you know.

  8. You are poised and so gorgeous (the bags are to die!!!)

    I agree it is best to buy one fabulous bag than a dozen shoddy ones. Congrats and look forward to seeing you again on the show.

  9. go the hek on!!!

    lovely interview, but when I checked the prices listed below the video, I ’bout fell off my chair….does the D Bag really and truly sell for $21,000?!?! ca raze E

  10. rock it gurl! i can’t believe the D bag is that much either. i guess it’s a large croc so they justify but i would go for the Bottega.