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Mustela Stelaprotect Body Milk


I love Mustela for the super moisturizing texture of their body milk cream. I use it for myself and love the scent but for newborns with sensitive skin all that fragrance is unnecessary and irritating. This is the case for my nephew so I decided to get him the Mustela new sensitive line, Stelaprotect, which has the same soft texture and moisturizing benefits with no fragrance, preventatives, colorant or paraben. It has a neutral scent from all the ingredients are in it so it isn’t absolutely fragrance free like water is but it is definitely the best you can do. It is on the watery side, which is great for babies for ease of application but don’t be fooled, this is nutritional stuff for the skin. It’s perfect for newborns shedding the vernix (a protective covering while in the tummy), doctors will tell you to leave it alone but if it bothers you (it bothers me!!), use a little bit of the Mustela Stelaprotect to rub it off. I would use any type of lotion or cream very sparingly on a newborn but I have found that this is very sensitive and non-irritating for those times when it is needed. Mustela Stelaprotect Body Milk at for $18.



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