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Turn Your Bag Into a Mommy Bag


Dear Tot Snob,

I have a question – I’m looking for a stylish and practical baby bag. I know there are so many bags out there but they are all ugly!! Does becoming a mother mean that I have to give up style? Is there some sort of gizmo that I convert a bag I use into a baby bag and still retain my fashion sense?



Dear Expecting,

First of all, congratulations! And no, becoming a mommy does not mean you have to give up style. In fact, since becoming a mommy, I have never been more radiant and stylish =) As to your conundrum, YES, there is in fact a gizmo that turns all bags into a mommy bag. I bought diaper bags but never used them because like you said, it made me feel like being a mom meant that I had to step down from fashion. There are so many options, but basically all you need is a wash bag. Anya Hindmarch has a “Nappies and Wipes” nylon zipper pouch ($150, in black or purple) made just for this exact need. Oh, how she knows what we need! Another fun choice is the Marni Pochette Washbag ($170). You just need to get a diaper changing pad and a travel wipe holder (easy and easier), add your essentials and you’re ready to go!

A couple of notes when choosing the right bag to use: make sure the shoulder straps fit comfortably and that there are plenty of organizational pockets. I would not use a super nice bag for newborns but as your tot gets bigger the messes will lessen so you can move up to your Chanel, etc. Totes are great but consider the practicality of not being able to get it on the shoulder. Or find one that will. Tod’s is my all time fave – either the softy or the Bauletto Helmut tote!

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  1. I put all my baby stuff in different ziplock bags and I throw everything in whatever pretty bag I decide to use for the day. It works great and my friends all started doing the same.

  2. thank you guys for your response!!! i knew i could count on the knowledge of you wonderful ladies!!!!

    much appreciated,