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Birthday Cakes for Kids


I complain that my tots’ birthday parties go overboard because I want it to be fabulous for their sake, but in reality, I just love planning parties!! So with a 5th birthday coming up for my daughter, the research for the most creative and awesome party is underway. The cake of course is the most important feature of a party – this book, Birthday Cakes for Kids has some serious cute and unique designs – that you can make yourself!! Believe it or not, most of these cakes are easy to make, even though they will impress any crowd. The book comes with templates and cut outs for you to follow. Some of the best ones, like the castle, is the easiest once all the instructions are laid out. Spend your money on the goodie bag (the most appreciated part of a tot’s party) and save money and make it an experience with your birthday tot by making your own cake. At Amazon for $15.17



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