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Prada Milano Store


This is the Bag Snob Mecca. Twenty years ago Tina and I began our obsession with Prada, so coming to Milan for our first Fashion Week is momentous indeed. Their latest collection is absolutely incredible whether it’s because we are caught in the moment or because it is that good. But in all objectivity this collection is pretty fabulous. Oversized jewel embellishments on classic Prada shapes. Love it! The jewels are attached in a very mechanical way with springs and serious hardware. I love the ladylike bag with a center compartment that has the jewel clasps (1980 euros). The evening bag with a chain of jewels (1280 euros) is just what Milan calls for. Girls here have great great bags and even better shoes!! We have to hunt down all the local shoe shops with hopefully reasonable prices but great styles. Well, at least that’s the fantasy when in a city like this. We will definitely update more frequently now that we figured out how to get wifi here.



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  1. Be sure to eat at Al Garibaldi – great food – pasta appetizer with cream and herbs – unbelievably good and Corso Como 10 is as good as reported.

    Jealous of you both.

  2. i hope you enjoy Milan! check out La Rinascente and its last floor – court food!! try the drinks at happy hour – delicious and bubbly! (i know we’re retro in internet technology, that’s poor for this amazing country!)