Snob Essentials

Valentine’s Treats for Your Sweets


Rose Petal Tutu

Ballerina tutus are universally loved by all little girls and why wouldn’t they? The puffy tulle and flower pedals on this fun and adorable skirt will have her beaming from ear to ear feeling like a real life princess. For $36.

Manhattan Toy Automoblox C9 Red Sportscar

Boys love Valentine’s Day just as much, but just in different ways. The Automoblox is like Lego’s with a twist. Race car red is just what he asked cupid to send. For $24.17.

Luna Luna Cha Cha Biker Shorts

Under a skirt or by itself, this ruffled bloomers makes the outfit. Especially cute for tots still in diapers! For $48.

Pediped Ashley

Some wear their hearts on their sleeves but Shoe Snobs always express themselves in their shoes. This chocolate brown leather upper and two-tone Nubuck heart accents Mary Jane is perfect for all occasions but the best timely gift for Valentine’s. For $23.

Holidays Snap Set Tee

Valentine’s Day now but then it’ll be St. Patrick’s day next. No room to keep specific wardrobe for all the holidays? This tee has 6 snap-on designs for Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Get this now since now is the first holiday of the series, but make sure you size up to make it through the year. For $54.

I Love You More Than Rainbows

I love this book of great rhymes, sweet sentiments, bright bold illustrations, and easy-to-understand text. Your tots know you love them even if you cannot fully articulate it (no one can properly articulate that amount of emotion!) but it is still nice to hear it said out loud. For $10.19.



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