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Ashley Greene in Gucci Bamboo Medium Top Handle


A good friend of mine is the US Head of Advertising for i-D magazine and received this Gucci Bamboo bag ($1,790) as a gift. It’s hard not to be happy when Gucci gives you a gift, but even she had to remove the strap with the chain and tassels — way, way, way over-the-top. Unfortunately, even without the strap the bag doesn’t work. Like Ashley Greene my friend is in her 20s making her about 40 years too young for this petite, prim-and-proper, structured bamboo look. Aside for not being age-appropriate however, the bag looks dated to me (if I didn’t know, I’d think it was vintage). There’s nothing modern to it, but at the same time it lacks the classic appeal of something like a Chanel 2.55 or a Birkin. I do think if this bag were about three times larger however, it would have the potential to work.

What do you think about Ashley Greene’s Gucci? Snob or Slob?


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  1. This is a remake of a basic bag, Gucci did for years. I had a Gucci bag, almost identical to this, in the late 90’s. The handle was bamboo, but more understated. I finally sold the bag, as it wasn’t very practical for me at the time. When I saw Gucci’s latest ads, that was my first thought.” I used to own this bag”. Your vintage thought was right on. I believe this basic shape was done before the 90’s. I would say, it has Snob appeal, but not one of my favorites.

  2. i actually like this bag, but not this leather and this color! so i think it’s snob! but it would much better with other leather and color.

  3. I also have an older Gucci bag with the bamboo handle. It’s a classic bag, although I would remove the tassel on this one (I’m not a fan of tassels on anything). But the bag is too mature for a 20-something girl; something more youthful would be more appropriate.

  4. Yes, agree Sherry, Classic Gucci. Great bag. Of course I’m not “40 years older” than her friend, just 20 years older, but still old enough to remember the Gucci classics that many of the bags now (Pop line anyone?) are rooted in:)

    I wonder though about the propriety of someone in charge of anything that is supposed to be independent accepting gifts from a client or potential story-line company. In the business I work in, it is strictly forbidden, so that an analyst does not talk up a stock just for the money/gifts. But really the reason for the complete ban is so that the industry as a whole can remain trustworthy to its consumers…perhaps fashion publishing should do the same…

  5. I think its quite mod looking actually …has a chic vibe and she carries it off well…I don’t believe in the whole a bag is too old or too young idea

  6. I am just not sure what direction this bag i going… the bamboo is kind of bohemian, the shape is more elegant but the chain and tassels are kind of punky…What in heavens name would you wear with a bag like that!

  7. As much as I love the idea of this bag (prim, structured, not suitcase-sized), it’s letting her dress down. Would be better with a fall suit. Slob.

  8. I really like it and I love that it’s not plastered with G’s. Not any girl can pull it off though. It’s something I could see on Chloe Sevigny with a vintage YSL dress.