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Lady Gaga x Hermès Birkin: Snob or Slob?

The fact that Lady Gaga arrived at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport yesterday carrying a bag that was defaced using a black marker to read “I love small monster, Tokyo Love” was not at all surprising. The fact that she had those relatively neatly-written Japanese characters written on a white Birkin bag (with gold hardware, no less) was. OMG. Gaga? Birkin? Really? Has the entertainer who goes against all grains been bitten by the status bag bug? Or does she just have an Asian tour guide who whispered in her ear that Asian ladies–in particular of the Japanese ilk–love them a good Hermès bag? Or is it just a way for her to communicate with her thousands of adoring fans in Japan without so much as uttering a word? No lost in translation here. I’m kind of loving the fact that she scrawled all over it; it’s one-part artistic, two-parts total Gaga craziness (she’s sporting nearly the same phrase on her arm as well). Who knows? Maybe she’ll put it up for auction at a later date for charity. I’d certainly bid! It reminds me somewhat of the white Birkin Linda Evangelista owns that features a sketch of herself done by Jean Paul Gaultier. Note to Gaga for future Birkin cameos: go with the palladium hardware. It’s a much better look for you.



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  1. I don’t understand her music and style, but I do admire her for not afraid of being different, or thriving to be different and weird.

    This Birkin tho? I’m sure she could’ve done something much more creative than to write on it with a marker to make it unique. If I were one of the ppl who were involved in making this bag (not just the designers, but the artisans and all), it would really piss me off.

  2. I’m more bothered by the boots. I think the writing on the bag is total Gaga. Really would love to know who actually did it for her.

  3. I love how she wears that crazy outfit with with such swagger and then kicks it all up a notch by saying – yeah, I can wear one of these Birkins if I want to! The respectability, tradition, and status of the Birkin totally make the insanity of the rest of her clothing work for her. But she doesn’t take herself too seriously for wearing one, but instead scribbles a personal message on it. Lady Gaga is one of the few women in the world who makes her fashion work for HER. Who else would have that kind of elan? She embraces fashion on her own terms, takes what she likes, makes it better, and devil take the rest. I love what she’s wearing – it’s part Lady and part totally insane Gaga! Definitely not one of those women whom you barely even glance at because they’re totally outshone by their bag – she’s workin’ it. Brava!!

  4. SNOB ALL THE WAY…but I do agree that on palladium hardware would look better with the black writing on the white bag.

  5. Slob, and here’s why:

    1. If Paris Hilton Wrote “That’s hot!” on the side of a Birkin, we’d crucify her. Gaga writes her own catchphrase on a Birkin, I don’t feel it’s as much “so GaGa” as it is just defacing a Birkin.

    2. It doesn’t match. She’s wearing grey, black patent, silver (on her glove), and pale yellow, and she chose bright white and gold. Bleh. If it had to be a Birkin, I’d pick rouge red and make the lettering thicker. Why should she match?: Because she has literally every other time we’ve seen her.

    3. Disregarding the writing altogether, to me, she might as well have worn it with a Lanvin dress and Monolos. Part of why we love her is that she wears what most people wouldn’t dare to wear. When Lady GaGa has the same bag that I do, there is something seriously wrong.

    Her skirt, on the other hand, is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day.

    ~Truett Ogden


  6. Let her be. Y’all just making noise here coz u jealous of her. It’s her money, so she can buy any Birkins she want and paint them green or black for all we care!

  7. We would barely bat an eyelash if Paris Hilton had a new Birkin … we’d notice the bag, maybe, but that would be IT. I’m with Sarah. Snob!

  8. I think she is the Madonna of this generation. The outfit is outrageous but that’s her style…. the only thing I would comment is: why does she keeps wearing high collar whilst having the short neck and I think she hunch a little or that makes her hunch a little and those shoes make her looks even shorter

    As for the bag, it does nothing to me, I don’t understand japanese, but I do hope it is something meaningful. I have seen the funniest Chinese characters on celebrities when chinese was hot (quote:unquote ms hilton)

  9. I do believe she has sold out to Hermes, not so terrible. She is a walking Birkin billboard. Selling them for H to the affluent Japanese ladies and young girls. What better way to market your bag than to have it walk screaming “I Love Japan” on the Gaga arm. It’s like an invitation to snobville for the next generation, trying to keep that antiquated line relevant, mind you I love a good Birkin, but they typically don’t swing on the arms of the youthful.

    I think the bag was free and white for a reason, write on it, sell it, we will give her as many as she wants, she’s just an advertising tool at this point. Any other color than white would have diffused the writing, that is why white was chosen and oh so effective. This was staged marketing at its finest.

  10. You idgit…the only point of a white birkin is because she was writing on it to send a message to the Japanese people – she wasn’t thinking of matching to her outfit….DUH

  11. Snob! Disregarding the fact that it was lady gaga who wrote on her bag, I think it looks fantastic! From a purely aesthetic point of view, I think it works well because it adds a little detail without overwhelming the purse in decoration.

  12. iLike several songs of her. I don`t understnd though why she has to overreact with her behaviour. I`d be ashamed to walk in an airport like that. But the bag is gorgeous. And they messed it up by writing on it. Ugh!!!

  13. Do you really believe that a woman who herself claims to live for fashion, would carry the world’s most sought-after high-fashion purse just to say “Hey Tokyo, Love ya!”? You think it was purely a statement?

  14. The writing on the bag bothers me, but it is neatly written and for a reason I am sure. She is a talented train wreck, but a train wreck for a reason. I think she’s snob, because she is a performing artist.

  15. Love it!

    Birkins are not that rare or special, just expensive.

    She treated it as any other designer bag, which is what it is.

  16. I think she gives the Hermes bag a little bit of edge. Come on, sure its overpriced and a classic, but it’s a little boring and celebrities like Victoria Beckham have downgraded the bag – Beckham shops to compensate for her insecurities.

    At least GaGa makes a statement.

    Still, as was mentioned, she has the money and can afford to do that. What’s ten or more grand when there is a practically bottomless pool of funds there? Who knows? The bag could also be complimentary. Many luxury houses give complimentary merchandise if they know that one celebrity will inspire thousands of sales. They don’t admit to it, but they do do it.

  17. I just wish she’d stand up straight…she’s actually a pretty lady, she just tries too hard to be “different”…back in the 80s she would not have been very unique. We would have confused her with boy george or cyndi lauper. Or the Thompson Twins, or flock or seagulls…well you get the idea.

    As for the Birkin, who cares. She’ll probably give it to someone there before she leaves and it will be a treasured souvenir for that fan for life…

  18. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually OVER Birkins! I think Mme. Beckham and the realtors on Selling New York have just worn me out (there was an episode where 3 out of the 4 women were carrying Birkins and it just looked sort of…weird).

    Don’t bite me. They’re still gorgeous, incredibly well-made bags – it’s just….

    As for Gaga – I think it’s funny (in a good way). It’s her bag, she can do what she wants.