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Juicy Couture Cuff: Snob or Slob?


I think the Juicy cuff on the left above looks great, but there are two reasons I would never wear it. One because it’s a total knock off a Spring Summer 2009 Fallon Cuff (pictured above right), that I bought last summer at Barneys and two because Juicy is one of the few labels I simply refuse to wear in public anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still own over a dozen Juicy sweatpants that I often wear to sleep, but I would never wear them out on the street – even if Juicy has now enlisted Erin Fetherston to help revamp their brand (I’m actually not a Fetherston fan either…). Juicy is a fascinating brand and I hope Harvard’s business school does a case study on them, because it would be incredibly interesting to learn about the inner workings of their marketing, but at this point I associate the brand too much with youth-obsessed housewives and tweens to wear anything (no matter how much I like it), from Juicy Couture.

What do you think about this cuff? Would you wear Juicy Couture jewelry?


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