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resurf.a.stic by Blinc

If there’s anything that will stop you from wanting to go under the knife, it’s watching reality TV (ahem Real Housewives and the ladies of The Hills). Sure not everything can be solved by diet and exercise, zen-inducing yoga, facials, and daily skin-cleansing upkeep — mostly because that requires the kind of time most women don’t have — but there are some great new DIY treatments that quickly tackle a number of beauty issues that are worth trying before checking into a medical spa. Resurf.a.Stic face by Blinc ($40) is one such product. It’s made with medical-grade, diamond-shaped crystals that are suspended in a solid form, cactus, orchid, and other moisturizing ingredients all of which help remove dead skin cells, stimulate new cell growth, help clear pores, diminish age spots, sun spots, and scarring, stimulate blood flow, and improve smoothness. It’s super easy to use – just wet the stick and rub it on your face (it’s like a chapstick) in a circular motion for about a minute and then rinse it off. It helps smooth skin without giving you the harsh feel of an abrasive scrub (depending how hard you press, it controls the level of exfoliation). While it probably won’t do the trick for anyone with serious sun-damaged skin, for those looking to treat mild spots and irregularities this is worth trying out.

Resurf.a.stic ingrown, resurf.a.stic body, and resurf.a.stic callus are also available.


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  1. Hi,

    I couldn’t tell from this review if you had tried the product yourself on your face or not.

    Does beautysnob have a policy about trying (and for how long) before doing a writeup?


  2. the reason i asked is I don’t take abrading my facial skin lightly and wanted to know someone-actual someone-had tried it.


  3. You can easily control the level of abrasion and even if you press very very firmly it won’t be abrasive to the point where you would have to worry. It looks and feels like a moisturizing chapstick and more than anything your skin will be soft after using it.

  4. I have very sensitive skin and have used the product without issue. I wouldn’t use it more than once a week, though, if you have concerns.