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ShāToBu: Workout You Wear

I recently met ShāToBu creator Dr. Denise Perron and what struck me about her is that like the folks behind the Bootcamp kits, which I wrote about over on Beauty Snob, she stresses the importance of balancing diet, exercise, and products and insists that there are no quick-fix solutions. She was very straightforward and I immediately trusted what she had to say because of it. The compressing hosiery that Dr. Perron has come-out with are quite ingenious. Not only are they way more comfortable than Spanx, so you can wear them all day, but they also increase the amount of calories you burn while engaging in everyday activities by an average of 12% (proven via scientific studies conducted at the University of Virginia). Sure 12% isn’t astronomical, but that’s extra calories you’re burning without engaging in any additional gym time (the burn comes from the design which incorporates resistance bands into the garment, so muscles work a little harder and more calories are burned during daily activities). Dr. Perron has also come-up with a few exercises you can easily work into your everyday life (pictured above and after the jump), all of which can be done with or without ShāToBu, but with of course you’ll get the added benefits from the additional resistance.


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  1. This is ridiculous. When will this country wake up, and stop looking for a quick fix. Put some old running shorts and sneakers on, and go out into the streets. Jog, and if that’s too much at first, walk briskly. Do some squats and push-ups afterward, and stop eating junk. That’s it folks!!!!