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Stella McCartney Resort 2011


The effervescent Stella McCartney bandwagon carried on Tuesday when the designer swooped into New York to showcase her delightful resort–or spring, as she puts it–collection via a gorgeous garden party presentation that not only drew all the A-list editors and retailers, but such friends as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts as well. “Why would I have it in a showroom?” McCartney quipped. “It’s so boring!” Coupled with the perfect weather on tap that night, I couldn’t have agreed more. Sweet shaved ice treats and gourmet ice cream were all served, while upstairs at Gavin Brown’s enterprise, where the show took place, waiters served from a margarita bar and passed out tofu burgers.


As for the fashion, well Stella’s clearly on a roll. Divided and defined by color themes of pinks, blues, white, blacks interlaced with a lovely capsule of bold botanical prints, Stella sought to liven her looks–having her models play chess, dance while an a cappella group performed and pose in a faux photoshoot (with legit NYC photographers on rotation) while fresh flowers reminiscent of an English garden were abound. The beautifully planned atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop from the sharp summer tailoring Stella is so known for–evident by the sleek jackets. Feminine floral dresses, sporty shorts and lace in varying weights–not to mention some on-point eyelet–made for a much-welcomed collection. As for the botanical prints, Stella used three different painted portraits of flowers and transposed them on silks and cotton: anemones, tulips and a mixed group in shapes that play with hints on volume.



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