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Delvaux Brillant MM


As I rushed out of Barneys, this bag in the case display caught my eye and made me stop and take a closer look. Plus, this is a new brand for me and I’m always looking for different designers to cover. Delvaux is a Belgium brand that has been around since 1829 and this Brilliant MM was their first bag! The quality is old school in its attention to detail and craftsmanship, there is definite pride that you can sense just by touching and feeling the bag. Now that these ladylike bags from the 60’s are so big, they are getting the attention of stores like Barneys (and blogs like Bag Snob!). That was an era where women have one good bag and they use it until it is worn out (or their next birthday!) but by the looks of the leather and stitching, this will never get destroyed, it will only get better with age. The price reflects the longevity you will get from it, € 2540 ($3230 US) at Delvaux online or at Barneys New York, 660 Madison Ave.



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  1. I bought this bag years ago when they were sold at Saks. They also had a store on Sunset Boulevard. They are beautifully made. I just wish that Barneys had more than 3 bags of theirs to look at. Saks had a huge selection of their bags. The leather is amazing and the craftsmanship is beautiful.

  2. The style of this bag is fantastic. That 1960s look is so interesting. Tina, could you give us ideas of similar style at lower price point?

  3. I am not a fan of black handbags. I only own three that I wear sparingly. However, if money were no object, I would get this black bag. It looks so beautiful and luxurious. I really like how simple yet stunning it is. It can be worn with jeans, a cocktail dress, or suit.

  4. I just bought this bag at Barneys, although I think mine is a bit bigger….the GM size. The size shown in the pic is the smaller size, and although lovely, somewhat limiting…if I’m going to spend so much money on a bag, I want to be able to use it all the time, not just for evening.

    What I like about Delvaux, is that they are wonderfully made, but very understated and the exclusivity or name of the bag flies under the radar. Understated elegance.

    I love it and plan on having it forever. That’s the only way I can justify the dough.

  5. I bought this bag in Belgium a little over 4 years ago and they were and are the most exquisite bags. The Delvaux store will make you swoon. Definitely the pinnacle of my collection and it is worth every penny. Even men (straight) comment on this bag.

  6. I have this delvaux bag GM in light coffee colour with gold HW. I will sold it, if you interessening send me a email,bey bey