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MG_486.jpegI’m getting more and more excited for my India trip…only 5 days away! My first stop is Mumbai for my friend’s 1,500-person wedding (apparently that’s how they roll in India!). The 5-day affair requires 10 outfit changes (the invite was too many pages to count and each event on the itinerary has a specific dress code), and since most of the guests will be from India I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for jewelery to keep up with all of the sure-to-be decked-out guests! In my endless hours of online browsing I came across some awesome pieces from Lizzie Fortunato. Designed by two sisters, everything in the collection is made out of found objects from around the world…how fitting for my little adventure! The cool thing about the line is that even though its got that side of eco-friendly, re-using found objects angle, the pieces are totally sleek, shinny, and not at all granola like you might think. *Above is the Lizzie Fortunato Bombas Necklace ($388) and on the left is the Lizzie Fortunato Eclectic and Restless Necklace ($420)


Lizzie Fortunato Jewels

Midnight Waltz Pin, $230


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  1. Good to know you’re going to be visiting my city. We Indians do have a thing for jewellery (bigger, blingier, goldier the better!) and it’ll be interesting to know what you make of it. Any chance you’d have time for coffee and some conversation with a local blogger?

  2. Oh you must give me shopping suggestions! Would love to meet if I have time. I actually will have a driver for the week I’m in Bombay to maximize time since there are a lot of wedding festivities… What is your blog?