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Nancy Gonzalez Launches Travel Collection


Dear Santa (or more realistically, husband Rich), this is what I want for Christmas!! I am pretty schleppy when I get on a plane, I want to be comfortable so I wear the closest thing to pajamas that is not pajamas. I need something to pull it all together, like a trolley in crocodile, preferably the carry on size in gorgeous teal. I must be specific because Santa and my husband both seem to need a lot of direction when it comes to gifting. Of course, I would always prefer the larger of anything but I really can’t allow an entire crocodile suitcase to be checked in. And I don’t like bringing a giant trolley aboard as a carry on. The prices might seem extreme at first, but if you measure out the amount of skin used for this compared to a bag, you are getting a real bargain!! The travel is a whole new collection for Nancy Gonzalez and also includes hat boxes, iPad cases, passport holders and other accessories, 11 pieces in all. They are currently exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman. The Crocodile and Pony Trolley is $6125, Crocodile Trolley is $7500 and Crocodile Carry On Trolley is $6500.




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  1. I assume that anyone who has such luggage is not flying on a major carrier. Since I don’t have access to a private jet, I can admire such luggage on others, but I will be flying with my trusty budget no-name luggage.