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Calvin Klein BEAUTY


Diane Kruger is one of the most beautiful people that has graced this planet so it is no wonder she was tapped as the face for the new Calvin Klein BEAUTY fragrance. It is perfectly suited to her image, it is not overpowering but definitely takes a hold of you with a soft light scent that is mostly floral with calla lily notes. There is also a hint of cedarwood that gives warmth and a sense of inner strength instead of a pure floral scent which emotes a delicate weeping willow. I was lucky enough to have met her and although she has delicate refined features, there is a mighty force just beneath the surface that is undeniable. She was, after all, a professional ballet dancer (she was with the London Ballet Company before an injury ended her career) so she was trained balance grace and power. Being glamorous comes naturally to her and she is one of the best dressed on and off the red carpet. Her favorite brand is Chanel, and whether it’s pure luck or by design, her neighbor in Paris happens to be Karl Lagerfeld! Calvin Klein BEAUTY 1 oz Eau de Parfum Spray for $50.



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