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Rodial Crash Diet: Will You Try It?

If crash diets, pills, powders, and shakes could effortlessly make us all skinny, we’d all be as thin as we want to be. Sadly as much as we’d like to believe in “magic,” the proof is in the pudding and the only thing that works is good ‘ol diet and exercising. I know that exercising isn’t always easy to fit into a busy schedule and staying on track with eating healthfully isn’t nearly as easy or momentarily satisfying as chowing down on a pint of ice cream or a whole bar of milk chocolate (not that, that’s not perfectly fine on occasion!), but taking care of your body is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself – just think about how great it feels when you sooooo don’t want to go to that early 6am spin class, but somehow you pull yourself out of bed and make it, how great do you feel afterward? With that said I typically dismiss products like Rodial’s new Crash Diet immediately. Loose a dress size in 10 days by sipping on some potions? Whatever – I don’t believe it! But given that this newbie product is from Rodial, a brand that not only backs up their products with research, but a brand whose products I’ve thus far all loved, I looked into Crash Diet further.

Crash Diet is a three step program that includes Crash Diet Sticks ($60 for 14 days), Crash Diet Smoothie ($60 for 10), and Crash Diet Gel ($90). The first step in the program is the Crash Diet Stick, a power supplement that dissolves into water. Supposedly the stick melts fat fast and drains away excess water retention and toxins.The second step in the program is the Crash Diet Smoothie which they say curbs hunger. Here’s the kicker though Rodial wants you to replace 1-2 meals with this drink! Um…YA if you replace 1-2 meals with a drink that’s less than 100 calories I would certainly expect you to loose a dress size! Here’s what, it would be a lot cheaper, a heck of a lot healthier, and definitely easier to maintain if you treat your body to heart-healthy veggies and a lean piece of meat or salmon instead.  Jump for more!

Though I haven’t tried any of the Crash Diet products myself, the one I would try is the Crash Diet Gel. No cream will reduce cellulite – scientific research and countless doctors have repeatedly explained this – but I have tried Rodial products in the past that have had an instant tightening effect, so I’d definitely try rubbing this on myself pre slipping into a tight dress!

What do you think about the Crash Diet line? Would you try it?


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  1. You made and excellant point about veggies and lean meat,thank you for snapping me back to real life! To answer your question..No I would not pay 125.00 for it. I know better to not buy ANY BS beaty cream and as for the rest of the package I don’t think so. Thank You Beauty Snob Sharon,your one smart cookie! Janet Felks