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Vintage Chanel '97 CC Crystal Earrings

WGACA Vintage Vintage Chanel '97 CC Crystal Earrings

Shopbop stocks a fairly extensive selection of Chanel vintage jewelery, which surprised me since it doesn’t necessarily fit into what you’d expect the home of Elizabeth and James, DVF, Halston Heritage, Derek Lam and other contemporary and designer brands to stock. I can’t imagine ever buying any of these pieces and not only because the prices are absurdly high, but because they just look so incredibly dated! How could you not look like you’re having 90s withdrawal if you went out sporting the WGACA Vintage Vintage Chanel ’97 CC Crystal Earrings pictured above! They’d be awesome for Halloween if you were going as Madonna, but for any other day… And oh ya the price….$1,045! The odd thing is that Chanel still makes a lot of Chanel logo-centric jewelry pieces today and I love, love, love them – especially their layered logo necklaces. Somehow the vintage pieces just go over-the-top and don’t seem fun, just tacky. What do you think about these vintage finds? Would you wear them?


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  1. are you serious? i absolutely love them, especially those!! just with a fitted white tee and jeans they will look so glam. they are a tad on the expensive side however!!