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Blair Waldorf in Swarovski Maniac Necklace


Leighton Meester is a walking train-wreck when it comes to her fashion choices in real life, but her Blair Waldorf “Gossip Girl” character, aside from Lily van der Woodsen, is my favorite – not that the competition is too stiff with Blake’s oft-too-sexy dresses, Jenny’s gothic mess of a style, and Vanessa’s boho boring-ness. That said, when it comes to Monday night entertainment, I need my GG fix! After way too long of a hiatus I couldn’t wait for the show to be back. One of the stand-outs I spotted was the above Swarovski Maniac Necklace, which Blair paired with a to-die, strapless Fall 2010 Oscar de la Renta gown. It’s such a fun high-impact piece and it’s the perfect complement to a strapless, unfussy dress like her ODLR one. Given that it’s pretty restraint for something called “Maniac,” I’d also opt wear the necklace by day over a simple white tee or top with jeans for a more glam, but still casual look.

What do you think about Blair’s Swarovski necklace?


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