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Hermès Barda Messenger Bag


For the last year or so, I’ve been a strictly hand-held kind of guy when it comes to my bags–I always found messengers to be a bit uncomfortable despite their hands-free advantage–but if I’m going to cross that great bag divide, this Hermès messenger will do it. Dubbed the “Barda 35,” Hermès’ latest men’s creation is made from Sikkim calfskin (translation: super supple and ultra lightweight), is simple, elegant and will coordinate nicely with everything in my wardrobe. Yes, some may say it lacks the bells and whistles one would expect from a bag at this price level, but think of it this way: this bag is for the gentleman who wears Patek Philippe watches or Tod’s loafers. It’s about subtle luxury. I love how all the components of the bag are soft, meaning they’ll mold nicely to my physique and what I’m wearing, be it a blazer or winter parka. And as with all leather this soft and light in hue, it’s bound to get its fair share of scratches and precipitation–no doubt adding a gorgeous patina in time.

$6,100, available at Hermès stores nationwide (1-800-441-4488 or



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  1. This is a beautiful bag. Finally, a bag that my husband would definitely wear. Some of the offerings lately have been too girly for my taste.