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Thread Social Lamé Shorts


The funny thing about the fabric lamé is when you first see the word, you might pronounce it “lame” if you don’t notice the accent, and lamé is anything but. These Thread Social Lamé shorts are navy with a bow belt, and I can’t decide for the life of me if they are Snob or Slob. My first reaction is “Ew, gross! Shiny shorts!” But then I keep teetering on the edge and thinking they might actually could work. Granted, they couldn’t work on short people like myself, but you tall ladies could absolutely pull these off. They work for all seasons and can even be dressed down enough to wear during the day. And then again, I look at them and they look like a huge, navy blue, shiny diaper. I am so confused with myself, I am sure you guys are ready to call me John “Flip Flopper” Kerry. That was the one, right?

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Thread Social Lamé Shorts for $295



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