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Chewbeads Store Baby-Safe Non-Toxic Mom Jewelry: Chew On This


I’m not certain if this is an ingenious idea or just a really weird one: a necklace that your tot can chew on. The mom who devised Chewbeads (a fashion industry veteran) did so after the birth of her son. She wasn’t comfortable with him chewing on his favorite thing – her necklace (so why didn’t she just give him a pacifier or chewable toy?). So she created soft, non-toxic, colorful jewelry for her to wear and him to eat. Sounds brilliant, right? Hey, a chomped-up Chewbead is certainly preferably to the Tahitian black pearls you got as a wedding gift. The pluses? Made from 100% silicone, BPA-free, soft on babies’ gums, and dishwasher safe! But what’s not to get your tot in the habit of freely chewing on your accessories? “Hey, Mom, can I taste your diamond ring?”

I guess you’ll have to wear these beads exclusively until your tot is three – eek! You have to decide: are these cute enough for that kind of commitment? These are really giant beads – very appealing to tots’ eyes – and although available in a variety of colors (chartreuse, emerald, deep sea blue), they don’t fit easily with every outfit. Or meal, for that matter. At Chewbeads from $11.50-$29.50.



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