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Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate: The Softer Side of Tan


For more than 40 years, Dr. Hauschka has been a renowned and trusted organic brand. This holistic skin care line uses only plants grown on their own South German gardens, with great attention to the bio-rhythms of nature. And this surely pays off when considering getting a tan from a bottle. The Translucent Bronze Concentrate, made from a soothing mixture of plant extracts, oils, and pigments, is perfect for getting that touch of tint without looking all shiny and glittery. It really is translucent as the name implies – perfectly matte and doesn’t necessarily make you look “tanned” – with no sparkle whatsoever. The concentrate goes on evenly and blends beautifully into your skin for a natural, youthful sun-kissed glow. It evens out blemishes, skin irregularities, and redness (its pigments counter rosacea and red veins, especially around the nose) and wipes out that tired, pale look we can be prone to this time of year. Think of it as a grown-up bronzer – no Ke$ha glitter here! With moisturizer and sunscreen, you’ll be summer-ready instantly, without shocking people with your preternatural tan. At Dr. Hauschka for $39.95



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