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Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum: See It to Believe It


When I received a sample of Origins‘ Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum, with a request that I take their four-week challenge, I was as skeptical as any seasoned beauty snob would be. The product claims to have 88% of the wrinkle-reducing power of a prescription, with loss of wrinkle length and depth in just a month. I am ecstatic to report that after only one week, I have already witnessed crazy results that I wouldn’t believe if I weren’t looking at my own skin.

When I smile, I get these tiny lines across my cheeks, especially next to my mouth. And no, it’s not the laugh line; these are millions of scrunched-up lines on the cheek itself. While they aren’t noticeable unless I point them out (and why would I do that, unless it’s to you?), it concerns me that the integrity of my skin might be beginning to fail.

I swear after only one week of this miraculous serum, these teeny lines are disappearing. Every morning, I smile really big into the mirror to inspect them – I stare for such a long time that my husband is starting to worry about my mental health. But they are seriously diminishing! I can only imagine what the results will be like after four weeks.

When this sample runs out, I’ll be dashing to buy another bottle. This baby is staying in my repertoire forever! I can’t wait to see what this will do for the prevention and maintenance of my unlined face. My mental health, on the other hand, is a different story.

The other reason I just had to try this out? We are giving one bottle away to one of our dear beauty snob readers. She will be one lucky, wrinkle-free girl! At Origins for $55. I have spent hundreds on a product that claims to reduce lines and wrinkles that has a fraction of the results this product has, this is not really a Frugal Snob option, it is just the icing on the cake!

UPDATE: I forgot to add that this smells so good!! It has that spa scent of essential oils. Also, with each purchase, Origins will plant a tree in your honor!



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  1. Ditto. With such amazing results I’d love a shot at getting a bottle. Too bad I didn’t read this before I went to Origins today!

  2. While I have to admit, I’m intrigued by the promises this makes, and I love the Origins’ ethos, I also have to mention that those little lines you mention sound an awful lot like dehydration lines- which just about any hydrator would take care of.

    Looking at the ingredient list (found on Beautypedia) the line smoothing properties of in this are probably due to the inclusion of silicones and sodium hyaluronate. Both ingredients are very common and found in much less expensive products.

    I feel like a bit of a “troll” posting this, but I promise I’m not trying to disagree just for the sake of argument- I just know how easy it is to buy into the fantastic marketing (and feel, and SMELL!!!) of products like this, but it irks me to think of people wasting money on products that aren’t beneficial to their skin 🙂

  3. This sounds fantastic.. May i enter the giveaway formally please. I would love, love, love give this a go.

  4. Hello. I’d like to enter the giveaway as well. Please provide a link or give us more instructions on how we can participate. Thanks!

  5. I would love to also enter the giveaway. I am at the age where I am most concerned about the future of my looks and would like to preserve my youth for as long as possible, no matter how vain that might make me. LOL

  6. Did you receive any form of compensation for writing this review for Origin’s product (e.g., the bottle of the product that is being given away)? Just curious.

  7. I would love to enter for the Origin’s product also. And don’t feel badly, I stare at my skin for long periods of times also. 🙂

  8. Thank you, Jessica; could you also name some products that contain these ingredients at a more reasonable price?

  9. I would love to win Plantscription. My skin needs some tender loving care and would be ever so grateful for your help!

  10. Your post was a breath of fresh air and so empowering to women! I am a nutritionist (whole foods based with an emphasis on clinical nutrition and Ayurvedic herbs/foods).

    An important point I gleened from your comments has to do with reading labels and researching the ingredients … not only will we find what is truly nourishing and helpful but we will also be a more informed consumer … and better able to manage the very expensive world that is cosmetics and skin care. I tell my clients the same about foods … processed and otherwise harmful … read labels, study the ingredients – not the marketing! … and then you can be assured you are seeking and obtaining the best nutrition … inside and out!

    Thank you!