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Burberry “Summer” Perfume: The Sweet Scent of Summer


Burberry’s “Summer” for Women evokes images of faraway lands full of lush foliage and flowers blooming everywhere – a beautifully manicured and highly maintained English garden. There is a fairy tale element to this scent – and it was sent to me just in time to welcome a new princess! A limited edition scent, you have to grab this summer because it’ll be gone come fall.

Floral, at once not old-lady powdery (it does not smell like your 2nd grade teacher!) and equally citrusy, it is as fresh as a breath of spring air. The woodsy scents of cedar and sandalwood counter the floral sweetness, rounding off the bouquet perfectly. When it first wafted by me I smelled grapefruit, although the ingredients are actually orange and pomegranate. But as we all know, every fragrance is quite personal, perceived differently by everyone. For me this Eau de Toilette is for the ladylike, grown up girly-girl who is taking charge of her femininity. She’s no longer silly but still playing dress up. It is sensual, yet crisp and soft, yet opulent (must be the added white musk!). At Sephora for $65 (for 3.3 oz.).



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