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Kate Spade Royal Bazaar Collection: A Precious Collaboration


The appreciation for beautiful adornments is universal. I was informed of Kate Spade’s new Royal Bazaar collection not by anyone in the jewelry biz, but by a Bag Snob fan who also loves her jewels, and works for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

Kate Spade and Turquoise Mountain, a great organization reestablishing the arts and bringing work to men and women in Afghanistan, have teamed up to create a line of gemstone stud earrings. Each precious and semi-precious stone is cut and set by hand by artisans in Kabul, Afghanistan. Tourmaline, kunzite, aquamarine, amethyst emerald, ruby, peridot – all stones in bright colors just in time for summer, beautifully set by the people who know them best (Afghanistan has an abundance of stones and a long history with jewelry). Each pair of earring is completely unique and all are rough-cut and raw-looking, a fresh take on the classic gemstone stud. My favorite? The lapis is an unreal pop of techno-color. Helping these gifted artisans is a plus, and there’s nothing better than feeling good and looking good.

The Royal Bazaar Ruby Studs at Kate Spade for $495.

The Royal Bazaar Lapis Studs at Kate Spade for $195.

The Royal Bazaar Emerald Studs at Kate Spade for $495.



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