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By Terry Crayon Blackstar: As Constant as the North Star


How many eyeliners have you tried that claim to be “smudge-proof” and failed? Sure, some stay perfectly put if you’re sitting in a nice air-conditioned room all day and don’t even come close to accidentally rubbing your eyes. But real life tends to leave smudges.

Which is why I tried By Terry‘s Crayon Blackstar for a month before reviewing it, making sure it passed the test of all the extreme conditions normal life puts us in. This waterproof liner is made with hydrophobic waxes for a creamy yet matte finish – and it can handle the elements. Going to the beach; 90% humidity; tears; itchy eyes and thus, rubbing of the eyes; out all day while on vacation and forgetting to check the face to see if all is still in place. By Terry passed with flying colors.

You know that disgusting clump of black goo that collects in the inner corner of the eye? Not even close. Not after a whole day in the sand and surf, not after getting caught in torrential downpour, not after such serious humidity that I felt like my whole face was melting off – everything went except the liner!

The only downside of such a stubborn liner is, of course, that it does exactly what you want it to do. The removal is tricky, but use Cle de Peau remover; it’s easy and pretty much the only thing that will remove it completely without effort.

This is seriously the best liner I have ever tried. I switched to gel liner because I couldn’t find one that truly lived up to my expectations and needs. Now I can have the ease and convenience of a pencil liner again and none of the smudge. At Barneys New York for $35.



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