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Felix Rey New Golden Child Diaper Bag Guest Blog by Joanne Tsai

Guest post by Joanne Tsai

All my dear girl friends are having babies these years in a row, like a relay race. No more single nights out, but high tea with dress-up moms and babies is still fabulous. As the only single (left-out) noble, I admit that the privilege of owning branded diaper bag is the only and urgent desire for me to climb up to the status with the title of “mother”.

Of course I know “mother” is more than just a title, it comes with a long list of things to do. Can’t imagine how multifunctional a woman can be? Try being a mom! Most of mommy bags have many pockets for octopus mommy users, and these bags facilitate every space to pre-organize every detail for a mom, especially the new inexperienced one, before she ruined her mood by destroying her important calendars, cosmetics, iPad or smart phone, with spilled bottle, dirty diapers, and drooling tissue papers. But the only problem is when the baby grows up, the huge deep pockets for putting a bottle or diaper inside the bag seem redundant. This is why I love Felix Rey mommy bag at the first sight! And yes, the 2011AW new season x is my new gorgeous babe! I don’t need to be a mom to have multifunction lifestyle, and I can enjoy the same privilege as a fashion hot mom!

The Felix Rey New Golden Child Diaper Bag includes one main tote bag, with a detachable zip bag, a diaper pad, and a portable band. The leopard prints nylon tote with gold chains is extremely eye catchy, especially with a cute gold pacifier tagged along. It keeps the basic pockets for cell phone, tissue paper, key chains etc, while leaves the deep bottle pocket at two sides of the bag. The sexy leopard prints diaper pad with black ribbon can be used to wrap my iPad2. And the portable shoulder band makes my life easier when I carry my laptop and paperwork. It also comes with a zip bag that can be used for cosmetics or stationary. It’s a sexy trendy multifunctional mommy tote. Oh, and it is the best choice for traveler! Retail price is at only $375. I think I’ll never get bored of carrying it, and I’m gonna keep using it till I become a real mom soon!



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