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Botkier Misha Collection: What’s in a Frame?

Monica Botkier is sticking to her tried-and-true brand of edgy-ladylike cool, but fall’s release of the Misha collection reflects a new direction for the independent accessories brand. With minimal body and strong hardware, these three new styles possess a relaxed yet no-nonsense vibe and suggest sleek durability. When it comes to the Misha, whether it’s the satchel, shoulder bag, or backpack, it’s all about the frame. It literally, well, frames the bag and sets off the skin, from shimmering platinum or deep burgundy lambskin to everyday black leather to olive snake-stamped cowhide, for four options in all. The crisp yet fluid frame makes for a curvaceous focal point – each bag in this collection has self-assured appeal.

The satchel ($595) is basically an elongated doctor’s bag, with a stern band of metal setting off the slouch on the sides. There’s something original about Botkier’s translation of the traditional look – exciting to the eye yet totally congruous. The shoulder style ($445) is essentially a structured flap-front bag, but that defining hardware gives your everyday classic some solid street cred. Even the backpack ($635) is cool – and appropriate for those not going anywhere near a campus. On-the-go girls need an alternative to the ubiquitous messenger, and the Misha makes for a great hands-free alternative. Best of all, this has something most backpacks don’t: refinement. With prices as low-key as the quietly strong bags, get whole collection and make the Misha triplets your best friends!



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