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Creativity for Kids Create Your Own Books: Your Tot’s An Open Book!


We can never have enough prospective activities lying around the house, whether they are saved for rainy days or afternoon lulls. My favorites inspire them to think on their own and use their imaginations. Get your tot’s creative juices flowing by giving them the idea – and the tools – to create his or her own book.

Faber-Castell‘s (of the fine art products) spirited kids’ line Creativity for Kids delivers great crafting projects that have a simplicity you’ll find refreshing (and easy to clean up!). Who doesn’t love a pop-up book? This comes in a two-pack, so the price is low enough to hold a whole book-making party. The fairy tale-obsessed will be provoked to dream up special stories of their very own. These aren’t the highest-quality books, but they are fun and if your kids mess up, you won’t be too upset. No matter what, it will be something you will keep and treasure for a long time. Best of all, you’ll be amazed by all that imagination they have bubbling in that cute little head of theirs.

Create Your Own Pop-Up Books On Amazon for $14.02.

Create Your Own Enchanted Storybook On Amazon for $12.50.



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